Immigrants contribution to shaping the USA and the whole world.

Immigrants Contribution to Shaping the USA and the Whole World.


Let’s talk about how Immigrants from different countries contributed to shaping the United States.
Before that let’s have a look into the Fingerprints of the History.

History And Facts:

I want to talk about the History of the immigrants, But I discovered that the immigrants were American History.

1. During the gold rush in 1848, a large number of Chinese were migrated to work in the USA. Many of the engineers were recruited by the USA to work in the USA.

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2. By the 1850 USA’s population passed over 20M and then things went wrong. American party was formed immediately on Anti-Catholic and Anti-Immigrant platform.

3. After the gold rush ended, many immigrants from China started worked as farm laborers, railroad construction workers.
In 1882 the USA came with the Chinese exclusion act banning Chinese for the next 10years to enter the USA.
Every time the USA came up with Anti-Immigrant acts, it suffered economically.

4. During WW2 America allowed Mexicans to enter the USA to use them in fighting against Japan and German troops.

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5. Here comes the OPERATION WETBACK in 1954. Post world war two which can be called as the ugliest part of the US immigration system. US police stopped every Mexican looking people, demanding papers and sent them back. They even sent Mexican-Americans which is a blatant violation of Human Rights.

For centuries the USA has transported Africans for slavery leaving the Africans no other option.

Current Scenario in the USA :

Lets talk… talk about the present scenario in the USA

1. Majority of the labor (around 60%) we see in construction, road works and farming are Mexicans.if we get rid of these people our system may affect severely and effect on agriculture will be devastating.

2. Majority of the Asians contributing to software companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Facebook. What might happen to the economy of the USA and the world if we get rid of them?

Made In China !! Can we afford if all the electronics, toys are made in the USA? Leave about the affordability we don’t even have needed resources to build these. That is why we again need different people from different countries to come to the USA and manufacture products.

Companies like FANG M are not satisfied with the local talent and hence offshoring the business to different countries to get the work done.


Let’s go back to the History again and talk about some of the immigrants who came to the USA, using the opportunities to the best enriched and strengthened not just the fabric of American Life but the whole world.
• Nikola Telsa (Serbian) – Doesn’t need an introduction
• Dr.elizabethblackwell (England) – First Female doctor in the USA
• Irving Berlin (Russia) – Writer of god bless America
• Andrew Carnegie (Scotland) – Expanded American Steel Industry
• SergyBrin (Russian) –Cofounder of google
• Jerry Yang (Taiwan) –Cofounder of Yahoo
• Elon Musk (South Africa) – Founder of Space X and Co-founder of
• Margrethe MayereSchruze (German) -First KG in 1856
• Germans shaped the USA public school system which the USA has today.
• Santa Claus, Christmas, Easter bunny introduced by Germans
• Levi Strauss (German) – Levi’s Jeans
• Zumba,Hip-hop,Chobani,Kraft,Tj Max,Forever21 and Nautica invented by Immigrants.

All these immigrants contributed their best despite the Decades of Anti-Immigration Wave. These immigrants experience now America’s experience


The USA need Immigrants and Immigrants to need the USA. I hope we will be the first generation that is going to break the hatred of immigrants.

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