About us

We think it is high time for all of us to rethink what we do by questioning the conventional ways. It will help us unlearn and learn to build one’s own perspective and probably bring out a quintessential way of life. We would like to build a platform where we all can share our experiences and can learn from others’ mistakes and get guidance from the experts.

For the One World We All Live In. Let’s make a Positive Impact together!

The world is changing at a rapid phase, unfolding a lot of opportunities for us to embrace while posing various challenges at the same time.

We at Think Practical usually see something different and like to say something different and do something different which can expose us to a different or true perspective of how things are happening around the world!

We can chase our enticing passions like a bevy of birds rather than alone. Let’s shape a better world where we can groove each other’s hypothesis to theory, ideas to capabilities, challenges to skills and hence dreams to reality.

Think Practical – “Rethink – What You Do”
We are here to help you!

Let’s share and invest our time and money in various ideas. Ideas can be related to business or solutions for a better lifestyle of the society we live in. Thereby, benefiting one another. Voicing is liberating, we might not be right all the times, but our opinions could help us see our hurdles passable.

We are introducing you to the “Think Practical”, to explore this world from an unbiased perspective, to analyze the situation and work on creating ripples of positive change in the world.

Its been a long journey for us, with all the experiences we could share with you. We believe that everyone has their own story to say. Let us share our experiences and explore the world from a different perspective.

Our Team

Prasad A
HR Lead
Anupama A
Global warming lead
Video Editor
Dharani K
Quality Assurance Lead
Hima P
Tech Lead
Sireesha S
Digital Marketing
Manoj EV
Mohan Ch